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Everything you want to know before investing in the last vape you'll ever need to purchase

QaromaShop currently manufacture injectors from 6 different materials- Their flagship Quartz, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Ceramic & Zirconia. Each material features different thermal properties and, as such, produce varied rates of extraction, varied flavour profiles, durability and weight. Quartz models unequivocally produce the best flavour profile in exchange for a little less vapour per draw. They are also the least durable head- A perfect option for those focused on flavour, but not so much for those of us that are a little less careful with our gear. A very close second on the flavour front is the Zirconia head. More durable than quartz and ceramic, with a better flavour profile than ceramic. The ceramic model is a great entry level head, striking a well-balanced blend of flavour, vapour and bang for buck. Titanium & Brass models are the pick of the bunch for cloud chasers and seasoned veterans, easily producing the largest quantity of vapour per draw. They are entirely capable of executing a full extraction of an entire bowl in one draw (dependant on the size of said bowl and the users tolerance/lung capacity). The metal units can get quite heavy- especially the XL models. We recommend using them with a nice strong glass piece with good reinforcement on the joints. The Stainless models are produced specifically for those with titanium allergies- yep, that’s a thing. The Lite and Lite plus versions of the SS and titanium are much lighter than their OG, 2.0 and XL counterparts making them a better choice for smaller rigs, joints with less reinforcement and the budget conscience.
Everything comes assembled ready to vape. We fit the handles, burn off the coil, fill the head with pearls and pre-stretch the coils for the lite plus models. All you’ll need to do is sit the head in the porcelain stand, plug the XLR cable into the PID, plug the PID in, turn it on, set your temperature and enjoy pure, unadulterated, uninterrupted vapour.
No. Just no. The injectors can be used with various minerals ie. Ruby, Sapphire, SiC, Quartz etc. but are not designed to be used empty. All kits are supplied with the right amount of 3mm corundum (ruby) pearls to fill the injector. These can be swapped out forany of the other aforementioned mineral pearls and in different sizes. Do not use glass pearls as the thermal resistance is significantly lower than the various mineral pearls mentioned above.
It depends on the injector. Each injector houses a different number of pearls but all kits are supplied with enough pearls to fill your injector. Please refer to the product description of the respective kit or the head/housing you’re interested in.
Absolutely you can. All of the standard kits and lite/lite plus kits are compatible with 20mm coils. All of the XL models are compatible with 30mm coils. Both 20mm and 30mm coils feature the same size XLR (plug) and fit into the same PID. So you can mix and match all standard and lite/lite plus injectors/housings with a 20mm coil, and you can mix and match all XL injectors/housings with a 30mm coil. The QaromaShop PIDs are compatible with both 20mm and 30mm coils.
QaromaShop recommend starting at 510 degrees Fahrenheit and increasing the temp to suit your tastes. In our experience the Quartz models are best around 650-750F. Ceramic between 610-660F. Titanium, brass and stainless between 600-650F and the Lite plus range between 500f-550f.
This entirely depends on the experience you’re after. All of the metal bowls conduct heat better than glass. All bowls can be heat soaked (pre-heating the bowl by resting the injector on top) however the metal bowls hold and transfer heat more efficiently than glass, aiding in more rapid and thorough extractions. For those that are chasing flavour over vapour production, glass bowls maintain and effectively preserve the flavour profile better than metal. Passthrough bowls feature a carb/shottie with a plug built into the side of the bowl. Passthrough bowls enable the user to clear the rig without the need to lift the injector or bowl from the rig. If you really like the sound of that but absolutely must have a metal bowl to maximise vapour production, you can add a pass through adapter (as opposed to bowl) to your set up, effectively adding a carb hole/shottie under your choice of bowl. *Please note AFI Australia recommend using some sort of adapter under any metal bowls, instead of sliding straight into the joint on your rig. Metal expands and contracts with heating and cooling, using an adapter will limit the chances of an expanded metal bowl joint cracking the joint on your rig- better to risk cracking a $15 adapter than the joint on your fave waterpipe.
Pre-soaking the bowl to provide some conduction heating in combination with the pure convection style heating of the injector head. Simply sit the injector on the bowl for 20-40 seconds before filling your bowl with herb (being careful not to burn your fingers on the heated bowl).
Yes, this is called a “Double decker”. We do not recommend attempting this with the Quartz, Ceramic or Zirconia models. Set up is the same as normal, only when you start drawing, a dab is placed on the top of the injector, onto the chamfered air intake holes. The concentrate will be drawn down inside of the injector head and through the ruby pearls. The inside of the injector and pearls can be cleaned at a later stage by essentially increasing the temp on the PID and effectively cooking the concentrate out. Alternatively, the pearls can be soaked in some alcohol (never attempt to clean hot/warm pearls in cool/cold iso. This will crack and damage your pearls irreparably. Always allow your pearls to cool before soaking them in any cleaning solution.