Wicked Glass POD Drop *POSTPONED DUE TO THE APOCALYPSE* - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


This October, Wicked Glass Santa Cruz is returning to Australia.  Due to drop around the end of the month, the eagerly anticipated POD drop will be offered exclusively through A Friend Indeed Australia.  Check out the pics below for a sneak peak at whats to come.

Wicked Glass aka, Jimi is a wandering glass artist from Santa Cruz California.  Wicked Glass is well known and revered in the glass art world for his highly sought after, flawless functional glass Krakens & S shape tentacle pendants.   Jimi started on the torch 12 years ago in 2009 originally making tentacle pendants on the road, out of his van.  Jimi is based out of Santa Cruz but still prefers the freedom and beauty of the open road, often working out of his van with his 2 feline bosses- Nala & Lily- between gallery pod drops, blueberry pancakes, the occasional catch up with supporters and riding a couple of waves.   Jimi had planned to travel to Australia to deliver the drop in person but, alas, the covid apocalypse. 

Jimi not only has a passion for Glass but for the ocean and the environment as a whole.  He regularly hosts giveaways and competitions on his IG page,  effectively using, and donating, the great skill he has developed over the last 20 years to encourage and incentivise followers and friends to clean rubbish from our parks, beaches and waterways.  He also generously donates a portion of each Kraken sale to the Reef restoration fund (more on this below).  We think it pertinent to acknowledge the admirable use of his time, skill & social platforms to promote conscience care of the world we share with all things living.  We see you, Jimi, and we appreciate you.  

In between the myriad of aforementioned activities Jimi has spent the last few years studying blockchain technology and crypto, identifying early the potential utility it can offer the art world.  A true pioneer and forward thinker in the art/crypto space, Jimi started working on implementing and assigning digital assets to his art well before the NFT boom was a twinkle in Beeples eye.   By assigning a digital asset to pieces of art, buyers of art can be more secure in their purchase decision and artists happier knowing where their art is and who owns it.  It also affords the creator/artist the ability to build royalties into the digital contract, meaning that when a digital token listed on the blockchain is traded, any royalties built into the contract will be executed on when the trade is made.  In this case Wicked Glass has built in a 10% commission, meaning that when a physical Kraken is traded, the actual purchase will take place on the Cardano blockchain in ADA (Cardano) and later in Wicked coin.  5% of the total purchase price will automatically be redirected to Wicked Glass' charity wallet for the Reef restoration fund and 5% will be automatically redirected to Wicked glass for maintenance and repairs. 

Each piece hatched (blown/created) by Wicked Glass will now be listed (by Wicked glass) on the Cardano blockchain in the form of a digital token otherwise known as a non fungible token (NFT).   The NFT, in its most basic form, is effectively a digital certificate of authenticity. The digital token (tokenized piece of art/NFT) is minted (created) and saved in the Cardano blockchain in the form of unique code.  Each respective NFT for each hatched piece can only be minted once and can not be replaced (in the case of a lost crypto wallet, forgotten password, lost recovery phrase).  For this reason it is crucially important when setting up your digital wallet (which you will need to hold your digital asset (NFT)) that you make a copy of your recovery phrase (Wicked Glass recommends Yoroi wallet).  If you want to set said wallet up on a new device (say, for instance, you lost the phone your wallet was saved on), you will need that recovery phrase to set the wallet up on your new device.  Without it, the wallet, and everything stored in there is as good as gone. When each respective piece is purchased, the physical and digital assets (the actual piece of art (Kraken) and the NFT listed on the blockchain), as well as a physical representation of the digital token (physical gold coloured Wicked coin) is delivered/transferred to the new adopter/investor/purchaser.  The Blockchain ledger immutably maintains a clear record of the creator, historical purchase prices as well as current and previous ownership, available to everyone to view, proving that you are the owner of a certain work and are eligible to on-sell it further.  

Purchase prices for the Krakens will be listed in Australian dollars but must be purchased via the Cardano blockchain in ADA (Cardano, the native coin of the block chain).  Glass aficionados and glass collectors alike can contact the A Friend Indeed Team for up to date ADA price, to scoop any of the pieces from the drop and to receive information, if unfamiliar with crypto, on how to buy ADA (Cardano).  By purchasing one of the first Krakens listed on the blockchain, not only will you be investing in a heady, one of a kind work of art, you will also be investing in one of the first glass backed NFTs. 

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