Scrubber Duckys V3 Starter Kit
  • Scrubber Duckys V3 Starter Kit
Scrubber Duckys V3 Starter Kit - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Scrubber Duckys v3 are the latest innovation for hard to reach glassware cleaning.

Super Scrubber Duckys will fit down 18mm down stem openings and most 15mm.  Simply drop one down your stem opening and, using the outer magnet to attract the Scrubber Ducky, stick it to the inner wall of your glass to clean those previously too difficult to reach places.  

The Scrubber Ducky starter kit comes with 2 x 15mm Duckys, 2 x 9.5mm mini egg scrubbers, 1 x 4mm micro egg scrubber, a rubber coated, heavy duty outer magnet and the Scrubber Ducky metal case.

All NEW Scrubber Duckys are washable and feature double-strength magnets! Each Super Scrubber Ducky can also be cut to size to fit into smaller water pipes.

To use opposite scrubbing sides, simply flip the outer magnetic handle. Watch your Duckys do backflips! To wash your ducky simply alternate rinsing your dirty duck with Scrubber Duckys BATH WATER and then under HOT tap water.


Duckys are made from Natural, Scratch- free material.

Duckys are safe to use with Scrubber Duckys 'BATH WATER' Glass Cleaner.


Super Scrubber Ducky size: 15 mm

Ducky will fit 18mm or larger & most 15mm down-tube openings

Mini Egg size: 9.5 mm x 7 mm

Micro Egg: 4 mm x 3mm