Goose Glass "Make A Splash" #32 Clear Splash w/ Portland Grey Faucet
  • Goose Glass "Make A Splash" #32 Clear Splash w/ Portland Grey Faucet
Goose Glass "Make A Splash" #32 Clear Splash w/ Portland Grey Faucet - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Make A Splash # 32 with matching carb, carb stand & mood mat - Clear splash t with a Portland Grey faucet.

14mm male to 10mm female reducer stem (suits a 55 degree 10mm male banger)

30.5cm tall x 13.5cm at the widest point (the handle)

Artist Profile:

Goose first started on the torch back in 2012.  Shortly after, he gave up his corporate job and moved across the country to the Bay Area of California to study glass art full time. Goose was warmly welcomed into the Californian glass blowing community by skilful and creative artisans.

Some years later Goose married and moved his family to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he opened a full-time studio as a base for creating his unique and highly sought after works of art. 

Goose Glass is world renowned for his signature “Make A Splash” functional glass, works of art- masterfully combining exceptional craftsmanship, awe inspiring aesthetics and flawless function into each and every unique sculpture he creates.  

Goose is also revered for his signature Pineapple Pendants.   If you follow Goose Glass you’ll often read or hear him say “Live like a pineapple”.  This motto encapsulates his artistic philosophy; We are all connected so it benefits all to inject positivity into all you do, and all that you meet.  Be a leader and use your head.  Its his take on the popular phrase “Be Like a Pineapple”-  Stand tall, wear a crown, be sweet on the inside.

In 2017. Goose embarked on a year long project, committing to making a new pineapple every day, for 365 days.  In this time, he battled through self-doubt and scepticism, proving to himself, and indeed the world, that he has an undeniable capacity for greatness and artistic expression.  He ultimately achieved artistic freedom, having lost track of time midway through the project and feeling effectively unplugged from the societal status quo.  This project laid the foundation and paved the way for the development of a truly world class artist and gentleman.

At A Friend Indeed Australia we have the utmost respect and admiration for creative artistic expression and a passion for perpetuating positivity.  With this in mind, we feel honoured and privileged to showcase and offer, in an Australian first, Goose Glass’ art. "Make A Splash” #33 will go to auction on our Instagram page on Friday 2nd July at 4.20pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

In Gooses’ own words-

I believe the human consciousness connects us all, and the actions we take in this life echo through each other whether we want them to or not. With that in mind I have chosen to devote my life to creating visual art in the hopes it makes a positive impact on the world around us. If each of my pieces can spark a conversation, or inspire someone to make a change, or even brings out a single smile it was all worthwhile.

While I hope my art lives on long after I’m gone it’s not about being remembered, it’s about continuing to encourage the positive aspects of the human experience that I feel are most important.

You can visit Goose on Instagram @gooseglass or on his website