Collection: Water Pipes

With A Friend Indeed, you can experience the wonders of glass from every corner of the globe - or perhaps just keep it local!

We're a Melbourne-based head shop stocking low-cost and high-end water pipes - including regular old bongs and premium dab rigs. We stock low and high end glass from amazing independent artists and leading brands - including Agung, ROOR, Mathematix, HVY Glassand more.

We also sell many other tools and accessories - including stems, adapters, nails, terp pearls, pillars, and much more.

The team at AFI loves our buds, and wants to make sure you have the best tools and accessories to enjoy them... which is why we have a huge range of bong and dab equipment to cater to every budget.

No matter what level of enthuisiast you are - we've got you covered!