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A Friend Indeed is Australia’s number one distributor of high-grade, innovative smoking apparel. We specialise in products relating to combustion, vaporization, and 420 science. We store a wonderful collection of smoking pipes ranging from the handcrafted to the hi-tech, feel free to browse our collection and even get in touch with us to gain some helpful advice on the often-hard task of selecting to right pipe for you. 

We specially-select our products through a series of trials and we guarantee that they of the highest quality and efficiency.

Our range of smoking pipes

We have selected a collection of tobacco pipes for sale that range from the uniquely old school to the ultra-hi-tech. Our range of products includes:

  • Battista Bat by Deathcatche – A self-extinguishing pipe, designed in the shape of a baseball bat, this marvel of design delivers a flavoursome smoke that is smooth, rich, and easy to inhale. With aerospace alloy material that has been specially developed over a period of 12 years and has been specially-designed so that it does not affect the flavour of the smoke being produced whilst delivering an unbelievably cool, smooth smoke.
  • PURR Glass Toker Poker Collaboration Pocket Sherlock – An ingenious collaboration from Toker Poker and PURR Glass, this is the perfect compact pipe. With a splash catch bubble allowing for the water to stay where it needs to be, and allowing for maximum diffusion, this special collaboration is every micro bubblers dream pipe.