Amplitude Sherlock
  • Amplitude Sherlock
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Amplitude Sherlock Ultra Violet Glass Pipe embodies the idea that old things can be new again; a common theme of life. Wrap and Rake techniques and precious metals fuming are nothing new in the world of glass blowing. What IS new are all the colours that use interesting compounds to play with our perception of light and transmit that information to our brains- Next time you’re out at the club and the black lights come on, don’t be surprised that no one can take their eyes off your Amplitude!

As with all specific shape pipes, a Sherlock provides a cooler, cleaner smoke, due to the increased length of the overall pipe AND the changes in direction your smoke is forced to make as it travels through the bends of the Sherlock. The bends cause particles to run into the relatively cold inner surface of the glass where it slows down and sticks to the inside of the pipe, enhancing colour change and keeping particulate and soot out of your body.

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 3 in
Color Change Fuming, UV Reactive