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Discover 420 Science with Our Carefully Hand Selected Collection of Smoking Products

A Friend Indeed is a specialty store dedicated to all things vapor, combustion & 420 culture.  To ensure we bring you only the highest quality and most functional products, we have curated a collection of hand selected items from one of the most trusted names in the game- 420 Science.

We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with you, our loving customers, so please get in touch with our friendly team of staff for any questions or queries.

Our collection of 420 Science products

The team at A Friend Indeed along with the rest of the smoking/vaping world have a special interest in cleaning efficiency, safe and stylish storage, and, well all of the latest and greatest innovations in the industry.  Thats why we work very close with 420 Science- the leaders in, well, 420 science. Below are just some of the 420 Science products we keep:

  • Glass storage containers – We stock a wide selection of containers that are perfect for holding herbs and tobacco.
  • 420 60-100x LED Microscope – Fun and ingenious, this microscope is perfect for viewing things like seeds and flowers and can view them at up to 100x closer than the human eye.
  • RezBlock Concentrate – This wonderful product alleviates the worry of a dirty pipe as it stops resin & gunk from sticking to the glass - by forming a barrier between the water & the glass.