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Welcome to the brand spankin A Friend Indeed Store.  We are here to ensure your smoking experience is as pleasant as possible.  We do not encourage the consumption of anything illegal nor are any of our products intended for such use.  We do not condone the inhalation of tobacco smoke either.    We prefer to think that you, our valued fellow human and customer, enjoy our products with less harmful natural, and of course legal, herbs.   

We are going to do our best to stay right up to date with the latest associated happenings around the globe.  Here and now we are making a firm commitment to you, our people, to travel as much of this globe as possible to ensure these promises remain filled.  What ever new developments the wonderful world of smoking science are making, we'll be there to keep you up to date and informed.

Lets start with video from 420 science showing how their awesome product- RezBlock- works.


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